Falconry experiences, courses & special offers
A wide range of experiences available. RFOC offers the opportunity to experience a range of different interactive, age appropriate courses which vary in content and duration.

The Rutland Falconry & Owl Centre CourSes

A wide range of experiences available

RFOC offers the opportunity to experience a range of different interactive, age appropriate courses which vary in content and duration.

Numbers are, by the very nature of the
‘HANDS ON’ experiences, restricted and may
be dependant upon prevailing weather conditions. 

Please be aware that Pre booking is required for our Courses ~ to avoid disappointment.

While we make every effort to accommodate your preferred date, participation on courses must be taken up within 6 x months of receipt of your application. Deposits are non-refundable on ALL Bookings.

Contact us : +84.123.456

The Barn Owl Experience

Fly a Barn Owl

An exhilarating learning experience you will never forget as the perfect introduction to these beautiful birds with expert tuition from our Resident Falconer.

£45 per person / £90 per couple

Please complete our online booking form or call Anne on 07549 998 373 between 9am and 11am

Barn Owl - Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre

2 Hour ~ OWL / hawk WALK


An initial introduction to falconry.  Meet your Bird of Prey and spend time getting to know each other under professional guidance while enjoying hearing from our resident falconer. 

 When you feel comfortable holding your bird, explore our beautiful woodland together with Tom and your new charge.

Weather conditions permitting, a Bird of Prey will be flown for your appreciation.

Please feel free to ask our us any questions relating to falconry or RFOC during your walk.

Following the session, you will be welcome to look around the centre and discover the extensive collection of Owls, Hawks, Falcons, Buzzards, Eagles and Vultures resident here.

If you would like to bring your own group, please give us a call to discuss how we can plan the best day for you all. 

OWL / HAWK WALK – £65.00 per person  

Please complete our online booking form or call Anne on 07549 998 373 between 9am and 11am

Introductory 'HANDS ON' Day or Half Day Course

.... in the Ancient Art of Falconry - Exceptional

Exceptional ~  ‘HANDS ON’ Days

Our course programme is designed for you to spend the maximum time possible handling and flying different Birds of Prey to the glove.

Suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, from the novice to those more experienced in falconry.

The ‘HANDS ON’ Half Day programme contains many aspects of the Full Day Course however, time constraints impact upon the actual 1-2-1 time available with different Birds of Prey.

‘HANDS ON’ Full Day Course ~ £150.00 per person

‘HANDS ON’ Half Day Course ~ £75.00 per person

‘HANDS ON’ Course participants may be accompanied by one fee paying adult by prior arrangement (Photographic restrictions apply).

Additional details available when booking ~ including possible Lunchtime options.

Barn Owl Flying

Bring your party to us

Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations are Welcome

We invite you to celebrate your special occasion within unique surroundings here at RFOC.

To ensure that your occasion is truly memorable ~ please discuss with us at the time of Booking, alternative options and the availability of different facilities at RFOC for your Celebrations.

Please contact Chris on: 07778 152814 between 9am and 11am.

Corporate events in the great outdoors

Tailor made for your company

The Rutland Falconry and Owl Centre is the perfect venue for your Corporate Event.

Group and individual interactive options abound at RFOC with the potential to incorporate additional Team Building opportunities designed to meet your specific needs.

Create an extensive photographic record of your day ~ it will be a truly memorable experience.

Please talk to us in advance about your group aims and objectives.

We are happy to suggest or organise some additional alternatives which will add to the success and enjoyment of your day should you so wish. A covered area and refreshment options are available on site.


Helping Pupils Fall in Love with Nature

RFOC has hosted a number of School Visits and Chris Lawton is happy to talk you through the options around your Group.  Get in touch with some initial dates and times and we will be happy to help you create a School Trip a valuable addition to your timetable.  

Please be aware that all School Group’s wishing to Visit RFOC must be pre-booked and the choice of options agreed in advance.

Please be aware that all young people under the age of 16 years are required to be Supervised by Appropriate Adults from within your Group at all times during your visit.

Management reserve the right to modify group numbers in consultation with Group organisers, for your on site activities to ensure the continued well-being of the resident Birds of Prey and Safety of your Group members.